Fine Art Conservation Group specializes in the conservation of modern and contemporary paintings, mixed media objects, and works on paper.

The studio was originally established in 2000 by paintings conservators Suyeon Kim and Helen Im. Our current location in Chelsea's gallery district is a spacious and fully equipped facility that can safely accommodate large-scale works of art. our current staff includes two additional paintings conservators as well as one paper conservator.

All treatment is conducted under strict adherence to the professional guidelines set forth by the American Institute for Conservation for Historic and Artistic Works (AIC).As such, each work of art is approached with meticulous care and deference towards the artist's original intent, and treatment is limited to the minimal intervention necessary to maintain the artwork and restore its aesthetic integrity.

In July 2010, The Fine Art Conservation Group received the Special Recognition Award from the Public Design Commission of the City of New York as part of the Twenty-Eighth Annual Awards for Excellence in Design.